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Oak Hill Primary

Wednesday June 26th 2024

Dear Diary,

Today, the sun shone almost as brightly as all the pupils during my school visit! Oak Hill Primary is a small village school, with only fifty-four pupils in total (I think that’s right). So, it was a really cosy visit where I got to spend a great deal of one-on-one time with many of the children throughout the day. I followed my whole-school morning assembly with a classroom session for Reception, Year 1, and Year 2. And they blew me away with their maturity, creativity, and teamwork. They seemed to enjoy drawing Uncle John (based on his description in the book), and loved adding labels to explain just how incredibly odd he is! Next, I spent time with Years 3 and 4, and discovered that two of the boys had already purchased WARNING: Magic Can Be Dangerous!… and one had already read it from start to finish! The pupils in this session came up with incredibly artistic book cover designs. And they really got stuck into adding blurbs, opening sentences, and excerpts from their stories. After lunch, I hosted a final session for Years 5 and 6. The weather was scorching by this point, but it didn’t deter the children from joining in with all the activities I had planned for them. The stories this group created were truly inspired. And with the ideas continuing to flow as the session wrapped up, I have a feeling many of the children will continue to develop their stories at home.




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