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Magic The Gaps Away

Do you think you’d have been able to handle the magic any better than Tyler did? You do? Okay, then see if you can work some magic now, by making the gaps in these paragraphs disappear.

Magic Quiz

If you think you can remember everything that happened in WARNING: Magic Can Be Dangerous!, then why not put your knowledge to the test with this quirky quiz?

Magic Your Teacher…

Have you ever wanted to turn your worst teacher into a frog, or magic your favourite one into a rock star? Well, now you can!

Magic Memories

Tyler wishes he could forget some of the catastrophes he caused. But how about we test your memory?

Magic Calculator

Miss Mouldy has given Tyler extra maths homework. Perhaps you could help him with it. Work out the answer to a sum. Click on the answer (in the secret message below), then click on the sum to lock it in. Before you know it, you’ll have Tyler’s homework finished for him!

Magic Cryptogram

When Tyler was looking for a solution to remedy all the chaos he’d caused, it took him ages to figure out Lottie’s loophole. How good are you at solving things? This cryptogram isn’t easy! But there might be something in it for you if you can solve it correctly!

Magic Hidden Words

Tyler has made some words invisible – not on purpose, of course! Can you figure out all ten of them? Type a word and press enter. Correct letters will be highlighted GREEN (if they are in the right place) and ORANGE (if they are in the wrong place). Good luck!

Magic Pairs

Tyler has a huge crush on Lottie Lovely. So, when he discovers she hates history as much as he does, he thinks he’s found his perfect match. But can you match these questions and answers correctly? And you’d better be quick, as I can’t promise Tyler won’t do something disastrous when the timer goes off!

Magic Word Scrambler

Tyler seems to have used his magic on the alphabet now. It’s all messed up. Can you unscramble the letters to discover the hidden words?

Magic Slide Puzzle

Can you navigate this puzzle slider better than Tyler handled the magic? I’ve no doubt you can!




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