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St Gregory the Great

Friday June 28th 2024

Dear Diary,

What a wonderful way to end the week! Today, I visited yet another school in my home town of Cheltenham. The Catholic School of St Gregory the Great is a huge establishment, hidden away behind Waitrose at the bottom of the high street. And the pupils and staff there were an absolute treat to meet. I’d been told that my session with Year 6 this morning might be tricky – as they’d all been busy performing in the school production over the last few nights. But the pupils didn’t appear tired or worn out at all. And they really went to town with their character creations and book cover designs. My sessions with Years 4 & 5 later in the day were packed full of fun, too! The day flew by in a flash and was over far sooner than I wanted it to be. But I’ve loved re-reading all the stories the pupils came up with tonight. I’m seriously shattered yet beaming after another truly memorable day with phenomenally talented children, so I must sign off for tonight. I’m looking forward to many more school visits over the coming weeks!




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