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Tredworth Junior

Thursday June 6th 2024

Dear Diary,

The pupils at Tredworth Junior today were a wonderfully lively bunch! And I thoroughly enjoyed their excitable interaction during each of the two assemblies I delivered. When I asked for some examples of selfless things the children might do if they had magic at their fingertips, one of them cunningly came up with the idea of turning his sister into a dog treat… to feed to his hungry dog! The classroom visits for all the Year 4 pupils were great fun, too. The story of Jack blowing out his birthday cake candles and wishing for everyone to be kinder to him tore at my heart strings. But the tale that began with someone opening a bag of crips upside down, and the crisps spilling out on the pavement, reminded me what incredible imaginations children have. My brain is getting old now, and I can’t come up with ideas that are anywhere near as good as those the pupils do on all my school visits… in no time at all. But I’m certainly inspired to want to keep writing and come up with many more books in the Words of Warning series. It’s fair to say that the news I’m handing out free bookmarks and stickers in the playground after school always makes both the children and the parents go a little crazy. And today was no exception. Everything was so chaotic from 3.10pm onwards that I think I ended up leaving my brain in the school playground when I left. Tomorrow, I get to have a bit of a rest and catch up on admin. But then I’m off to the Cleeve Bookshop on Saturday and the Fairford Car Book Sale on Sunday – before heading back out to more superb schools next week.




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