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Waterstones Hereford

Friday May 31st 2024

Dear Diary,

What a way to end half term week! I’m so thankful Billy, Tracy, and Poppy invited me to spend the day at Waterstones Hereford today. I had a super time with all the little bookworms – telling them about my children’s debut; watching them create their own characters, stories, and artwork; and getting up to all manner of fun and mischief with the stretchy caterpillars (under the watchful instructions of the teeny tiny shoppers). There’s something very magical about every Waterstones I’ve visited recently. They’re certainly a slice of heaven for anyone, like me, who loves books! And I was sad to leave today, knowing that my run of bookshop visits for this half term is now over. The remaining copies of WARNING: Magic Can Be Dangerous! still in Waterstones Hereford are now all signed, stickered, stamped, and loaded with sticker sheets and bookmarks. So, grab them while you can before they’re gone! I hope to visit again soon. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to more Waterstones events in other local stores during the school summer holidays.




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