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Sarah Show-Off May Have A Crush!

Dear Diary,

I can’t stop thinking about Lottie Lovely tonight. I don’t know if that means anything. And I’m only eleven, so I don’t need to figure that out now. I’ve got YEARS to work all that stuff out. To discover exactly who I am and how I feel about other boys and girls in that way. But I just love how Lottie’s hair shines in the sunlight, that silly giggle she does whenever she’s nervous, and how kind she is to everyone. And when she passed me a textbook in history the other day (yes, BEFORE the school exploded– and wasn’t that a bonus?!), I felt my fingers go all tingly, as though they had pins and needles. It was weird. But it was kinda nice, you know? I think Lottie likes Tyler, though. I know he likes HER. He’s always so funny when he’s around her. He goes as red as a raspberry and can’t get his words out. It’s actually quite comical to watch. Not for him, though, I guess. Anyway, gotta run! I’m off to gymnsastics. We’re being presented with our medals tonight, and I’ve won seven this time!

Love Sarah x




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